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Supernova Raises $1.1M in Pre-Seed Funding

Lumikai is super stoked to announce Supernova’s $1.1M pre-seed funding.

Traditional ed-tech models are often characterized by high customer acquisition costs, not so pocket friendly course pricing and limited learning outcomes.

Supernova aims to disrupt the ed tech ecosystem by using pedagogies centered around interactivity & experiential learning for STEM subjects.

We believe that systems of play and gaming best practices have the potential to unlock massive disruption in ed tech. The tenacious ex-operators lead by first principles thinking and a purpose driven to re-imagine kids education by leveraging the power of experiential, game-based purpose-driven“learning by doing”.

Supernova is targeted towards kids aged 4-12, offering them passive forms of learning by providing them with engaging byte-sized lessons. Taking the live quiz approach, the current content focus is on STEM subjects from the CBSE curriculum.

We are excited to be partnering with Kae Capital, All in Capital, Goodwater Capital, Nandan Reddy, Phani Kishan and Kunal Khattar in this journey to support Supernova.

Check out the Supernova website here:

Read more here.



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