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Participated in seed round of House of X, a platform allowing creators to launch their D2C brands

We are excited to announce our investment in House of X. House of X aims to build a one stop platform enabling creators to launch their own brands by providing tech-enabled sourcing, logistics, and digital storefronts. We are thrilled to partner with institutional investors Lightspeed India and Better Capital in this round.

GenZ and millennials resonate with creators and their personal brands more than ever today. The D2C market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40% and is expected to reach $60B by 2027. House of X intends to provide a world-class suite of back-end tools for creators to start, run and manage a D2C business, solving for creator monetisation by leveraging the creator’s personal brand.

As part of their first creator partnership, House of X collaborated with famous Indian singer/rapper, King to launch a branded perfume, Blanko. They sold out 10,000 units of Blanko within 4 days of launch. The product launch video received 3.7M views, 475k likes, and 317k shares - all with ZERO ad spend.

House of X empowers creators to index on their super-power - the ability to connect with their followers. The company further translates that into a successful business, managing the back-end infrastructure of starting and scaling a D2C brand for the creator.

The company is set to launch its partnerships with two new creators in the upcoming months. We look forward to working with founders Raj Shamani, Neeraj Kumawat, and their team to support their vision for House of X and look forward to seeing their journey unfold.

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