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Now & the Future of Gaming in India from a Venture Capitalist: Jamsters Podcast

Lumikai GP, Salone was featured in Jamsters podcast discussing everything gaming, growth in the Indian interactive media landscape, fundraising opportunities, and the rising future outlook about the gaming sector, which has transformed from a fun activity in the fringes to mainstream culture today.

Episode Description

Salone Sehgal is the General Partner, at Lumikai Fund - India’s first gaming-focused and interactive media fund. It is an early-stage venture capital firm. Salone is also the world’s first female General Partner of such a focused fund. She’s been conferred with many incredible awards and honours, among which is being a Jury member at BAFTA Games Awards in 2017, the ‘Iconic Women Leader’ award by Women Economic Forum 2018, amongst others.

On this episode of Jamsters Podcast, Salone chats with Hardik about supporting Gaming entrepreneurs in India, through her pioneering VC fund - Lumikai. She opens up about her challenges of building a women-focused gaming venture, TrulySocial, experiences of working leading financial firms in Europe such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays & London Venture Partners; what it takes to build successful games in India and all things gaming. They also discuss the research report published by Lumikai Fund - India Gaming Report 2021.



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