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Economic Times: Online platforms take to gamification to boost user engagement

Gamification is no longer just a concept from the world of video games; it's an essential strategy embedded in today's consumer tech applications to keep users engaged and drive business growth.

As highlighted in a recent article by The Economic Times, major platforms like YouTube, GooglePay, Amazon, Zomato, CRED, and LinkedIn are all leveraging gamification to increase engagement.

Lumikai's portfolio company, Supernova - An AI Tutor For Every Child, is a great example of how effective gamification can be. By incorporating game-like elements, Supernova has seen over 3x growth in monthly assignment participation, with kids participating in 23 assignments on average a month from 7. This is a testament to the power of gamification in driving user engagement and loyalty.

At Lumikai, we call this ‘Systems of Play’, where traditional industries are being disrupted by immersive mechanics. In Supernova’s case, they are using game mechanics to change native learning pedagogies, making learning a fun experience, rather than a chore.

We look forward to seeing consumer technology companies in India increasingly adapt to the 'Systems of Play' thesis.

Read the full Economic Times Article here.



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