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  • Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha

The Indian Gaming Market is Booming, And How! Ft. Salone Sehgal

In Episode 02 of Leo Burnett's - Speakeasy with Dheeraj Sinha, he converses with Salone Sehgal, Founding General Partner at Lumikai about how access to mobile data is opening doors for gamers from every part of the country and taking gaming to tire 2 and 3 India; how gaming platforms provide a big opportunity for brands through in-game integration.

The broad themes that are covered are as follows:

- Gaming is set to be the next big thing. What goes behind creating a market for gaming in India?

- What kind of games and what kind of players are coming up?

- What’s the role of local languages and characters in this?

- What could be the role of brands in all of this?



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