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If not me, then who? If not now, then when?: 1947 Rise Podcast with Shiva Singh Sangwan

Lumikai GP, Salone was featured in Shiva Singh Sangwan's 1947 Rise podcast. Salone speaks about how her professional experiences have contributed to her co-founding and building Lumikai Fund, her vision for the fund, and life outside Lumikai.

Episode Description

(1:00) - Salone's journey from growing up in India to moving to the UK and then moving back to India

(6:00) - The origins of Lumikai Fund and the vision she holds for the fund

(11:20) - What’s the best part about her job

(16:40) - The hardest part about her job

(19:00) - Skills and experiences she brought back with her to India that ended up becoming valuable

(21:25) - What frameworks does she use when things are not going in the right direction

(24:10) - What is Salone’s life like outside of work

(25:10) - If money and attention are not needed anymore, what would she work on

(26:10) - What do her friends know her for



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