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Building an Institutional Gaming & Media VC Fund - Indian Silicon Valley with Salone Sehgal

Lumikai Founding General Partner, Salone Sehgal was in conversation with Jivraj Singh Sachar on the Indian Silicon Valley podcast as they discuss Salone’s experience building a vertically focused gaming venture fund in India.

The hour long podcast covers what it takes to set up a specialized venture fund, Salone’s learnings in venture capital, and the path to growing a successful business.

00:00 - Introduction

01:05 - Early Career: Discover Salone's journey from her early life to becoming a prominent figure in the venture capital industry.

05:35 - Lumikai's Influential Factors: Uncover the key influences that paved the way for the creation of Lumikai, a vertical sector focus fund.

10:00 - Building a Vertical Sector Focus Fund in India: Explore the essential elements involved in establishing a vertical sector focus fund in the Indian market.

15:08 - Developing Foresight and the Booming Gaming Industry: Gain insights into how Salone develops foresight and clarity of thought, with a focus on the thriving gaming industry.

19:16 - Parameters for Building Lumikai: Discover the crucial parameters and criteria considered in building Lumikai and shaping its investment decisions.

29:49 - The Importance of Coaching: Understand the significant role coaching plays in personal and professional growth.

34:29 - Managing Short-term and Long-term Problems: Gain valuable guidance on effectively managing short-term and long-term challenges and distinguishing between urgency and importance.

37:20 - The Fabric and Ethos of Lumikai: Explore the core values and guiding principles that define Lumikai as a fund.

39:90 - The Five C Analysis Framework: Discover the framework used by Salone to evaluate and analyze founders, focusing on the five key criteria.

42:40 - Interactive Media and Disrupting Traditional Industries: Uncover the concept of interactive media and its potential to disrupt traditional industries, with a particular emphasis on gaming.

47:00 - Predicting the Future and Staying Ahead: Explore the tools and mechanisms utilized by Salone to predict the future and maintain a competitive edge.

50:30 - Salone's Unique Qualities as an Investor: Discover the distinctive qualities and characteristics that set Salone apart as an investor in the venture capital landscape.

52:13 - Personal Process and Growth Strategies: Gain insights into Salone's personal process and strategies for achieving significant growth.

53:20 - Leadership Learnings and Perspectives: Explore Salone's leadership insights and learnings, and gain valuable perspectives on defining leadership qualities.

57:45 - Identifying the Path to Success: Understand the importance of identifying one's unique path to success and leveraging individual strengths.

01:00:00 - Core Learnings for Women in VC: Gain valuable advice and core learnings specifically tailored for women navigating the venture capital industry.

Watch the podcast here:



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