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CloudFeather Games Raises $1.25M in Seed Round Funding

Lumikai is thrilled to have led CloudFeather Games’ $1.25M seed round. CloudFeather is building a next-generation suite of competitive tools that unleash brand-new ways for players to engage with their favourite games, dramatically boosting game retention and monetization for game developers, and opening up a new revenue stream that complements existing ads and in-purchases. CloudFeather’s first suite of features includes an innovative bounty hunting monetisation mechanic, which allows gamers to create and distribute custom UGC bounties based on their in-game achievements for the community to beat. Founders Romi Chandra and Yash Chandra have pioneered massive-scale RMG architecture catering to tens of millions of users, and are uniquely positioned to build out a world-class suite of game monetization tools that tap into the competitive and community spirit inherent in-game experiences. Lumikai is excited to partner with Venture Highway, Maninder Gulati, and Manish Agarwal for this deal.

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03 oct 2022

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