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Lumikai Fund leads QuriousBit's $2Mn seed round to build the next-generation puzzle games from India

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We are excited to announce our $2Mn seed investment in QuriousBit, an innovative casual gaming studio aiming to redefine the puzzle games landscape.

Having been ex-product and tech leads at PlaySimple, the founders of the studio bring a wealth of experience and success in the gaming industry. They have driven over 125 million installs and generated cumulative revenues north of $350 million across previous games, playing a crucial role in delivering one of the largest exits in the Indian gaming ecosystem (acquired by MTG >$500Mn).

The strength of the QuriousBit team lies not just in their past achievements but in their progressive approach to game development and distribution.

We’re excited to be early partners in Ramakrishna Reddy Y L and Shubham Joshi’s journey to pin India on the global map of hit puzzle games. We are glad to have our friends at General Catalyst as our co-investors in this round.

Read more about the funding round here.

Read our investment thesis here.



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